Why choose AIKIDO?
Unlike other martial arts, Aikido is a non-aggressive art. There are no attacks in Aikido, only defence. There are no blocks, we learn to blend with our attacker and use their energy and momentum to complete a technique. This is why Aikido is ideal for anyone of any size or any age.

What will AIKIDO teach us?

¨ Self defence
¨ Self-discipline
¨ Self-confidence.
¨ Posture.
¨ Patience
¨ Self-Respect.
¨ Respect for others.
¨ The ability to listen, watch, learn then practice.
¨ The ability to see trouble before it starts and remove yourself out of  harm’s way.
¨ The ability to defuse a situation in a calm and controlled manner.
¨ The ability to defend yourself if you need to.

Most people learn a martial art so they can defend themselves or win a fight. The strange thing is that most people who learn a martial art never have to use it.

What will an AIKIDO class involve?
¨ The correct etiquette used during an Aikido lesson.
¨ At the start of every class there will be a warm up session involving stretching exercises, these exercises will be incorporated within various technique during aikido training.
¨ Aikido techniques. These are taught initially in a basic static form. The Nage performing the move and the Uki helping, by following the move with little or no resistance. This is essential to learning and essential to the protection of the Uki.
¨ The art of Ukemi. Learning the ability to forward and backward roll in a safe way as a means of protection.
¨ Relaxation and breathing techniques, which develop the ability to have a calm mind in any situation inside or outside the dojo (Training hall/room).
¨ How to have the correct posture.
¨ Games that promote the correct way to move and how to blend with your Uki. (Juniors only)