Aikikai Zen Ten



Aikikai Zen Ten was formed in August 2016 by the merger of Broadland Aikido club and the Makoto association, the co-founders being Senseis Frank Burlingham and Vince Lawrence. Both were approached by many dojos and individuals to form an association that incorporates and is open to all forms and styles of Aikido. It’s main aim being to promote and foster the practice and spirit of Aikido, as originated by O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba.

Sensei Frank Burlingham started his Aikido career in 1972. Frank currently holds 5th Dan Hombu. He was graded 1st, and 2nd Dan Hombu by sensei’s Yoshimitsu Yamada and Mitsunari Kanai, 3rd, 4th & 5th Dan Hombu by the late sensei William Smith sensei. Frank has been a member of the United Kingdom Aikikai since 1994. He also holds the rank of 6th Dan from the Institute of Aikido and was a member of the Institute of Aikido for over 30 years where he studied under the late sensei Haydn Foster. After the passing of sensei Foster, Frank became a member of the Institute of Aikido governing board.

Sensei Vince Lawrence started his Aikido career in 1981.  Vince currently holds 5th Dan awarded by sensei Gwynne Jones. Vince is a former student of sensei Ken Williams of the Ki Federation of Great Britain were he was graded to 1st Dan, 2nd  3rd 4th with Aikido in Daily Life.

The Association enjoys many links with other Aikido organisations and individual high ranking instructors in the United Kingdom and throughout the world, which enables it to fulfil its primary aims.


Aikikai Zen Ten


The style of Aikido practised by Aikikai Zen Ten incorporates Traditional Aikido and the concept of Aikido with Ki combined with the use of the Jo (staff) and Bokken (practice sword),


Emphasis is placed upon dynamic and effective technique, in practicing Aikido; students are encouraged to maintain standard rules of etiquette on the mat. The enjoyment of training in Aikido is enhanced by a positive and enthusiastic spirit, a high standard of dress and behaviour and a respect for all students on the mat making training in a relaxed, flowing and dynamic style.